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Sand Sculpting Australia presents their much anticipated exhibition ‘Aladdin & The Arabian Tales’.

This summer, you’ll be transported back in time to explore the ancient and ever-so-magical stories of the 101 Arabian Nights, made completely from sand!
Tales will include Aladdin, Sinbad the Sailor and Ali Baba and the forty thieves!

e Aladdin fall in love with Princess Jasmine and trick the Genie of the Lamp with his three wishes, take a journey with Sinbad the Sailor on his seven magical adventures as he meets mystical monsters and fantastical creatures.
Then, ‘Open Sesame’, go deep with Ali Baba into the cave filled with jewels and gold.

Integrated with the sand sculptures will be a fun range of themed activities for children; from hands on sand sculptor workshops, sand art and craft, themed face painting, the interactive family game zone and more!

Open to the public daily from 10am…. Do not miss your chance to see 3,500 tonnes of sand transformed intricately into life sized sand sculptures by the worlds best artists. 

510N Nepean Highway, Frankston, Victoria


Christmas Spectacular


16 DEC – 24 DEC, 2017

All-inclusive family Christmas festival inside Sand Sculpting Australia exhibition on the Frankston Waterfront

‘Aladdin & The Arabian Tales’


25 DEC 2017 –  25 APRIL 2018

Special Events


Are dogs allowed inside the event?

Unfortunately due to restrictions we are not permitted to have dogs inside the event area. However Seeing eye dogs or guide dogs including in training are permitted.

Do you accept Eftpos?

Yes, you can use Eftpos inside the event for purchases at the cafe, merchandise etc.

What is included with my entry ticket?

All inclusions for the your ticket purchase are listed before checkout. Please check these carefully to ensure the wrong tickets are not purchased.

What should I expect to see at “Lands of Imagination”

Sculptures that will blow your mind! This is our wildest, wackiest and most whimsical exhibition yet. Candy Land, Gingerbread Village, Prehistoric Valley of Dinosaurs, The Land of Giants, Santa’s workshop, Enchanted forest & so much more.

Is it all sand?

Yes most definitely! 100% brickies loam sand.

How long did it take to build?

It took 20 sculptors (International and Australians) 30 days to prepare, over 5,000 carving hours.

Am I able to smoke or drink inside the event?

We are a family friendly event and do not permit anyone to smoke or to consume alcohol whilst inside or outside the permitters of the event area. Smokers may ask for a ‘pass out’ at the gate to come in and out as they please.

Can I buy food inside the event area?

We have a wonderful undercover cafe where you can buy refreshments, ice creams and light snacks. If you are wanting a sit down lunch we can suggest some fabulous local businesses here for all occasions here. You can receive a pass out at our gate to come back inside the event after your meal. This summer we are also launching our candy shop where you can buy some sweets.

{Santa’s Sand Land} How can I do all of the activities in the 3.5 hour session?

We will provide a link to the activity timetable for your session after purchase. We suggest downloading this timetable and marking out what activitiesyou want to do and when they are on, so you don’t miss out on activities you really want to do.

{Santa’s Sand Land} What if I can’t make my session time?

Subject to Sandstorm Events discretion we can allocate you into another SSL session on a different day. Alternatively if you can not make it to the festival we can exchange your tickets to general Sand Sculpting Australia tickets which can be used across the four months (Dec – April).

Do you provide refunds on general admission tickets?

We do not provide refunds, but can exchange your tickets to a different month if you can not make the month you have booked. Please refer to the terms and conditions of purchase.

Can I bring my own food & drink into the event?

Consumption of food from outside the event is not permitted. However,  there is a lovely park space adjacent to the event area which you are more than welcome to picnic at and come in and out during the day at the event with our pass out.

Are you still open when it’s raining?

We sure are! Our sculptures are sprayed with a biodegradable glue which helps repel the rain in wet weather; protecting them to a certain degree. Whether it’s rain, hail or shine we are open. In the extreme off chance of adverse weather (fire, tsunami, winds above 80 km/ph we are not permitted to open. If you are concerned please feel free to call us (03) 5986 6684. All children’s activities are under marquees.

How long will it take to look at the sculptures?

We can not answer this as everyone is different! Some people spend hours with us taking photos of every last bit of detail – some spend 15-20 minutes looking at the sculptures. If you purchased a ‘Santa’s Sand Land’ ticket you are allocated 3.5 hours to view the sculptures and do all the wonderful activities.

Where should I park?

Parking on the Frankston Waterfront is the best option in terms of location and distance to the exhibition. Please note however that parking charges apply per hour ($3). Please note they only accept coins.

510N Nepean Highway
Frankston, VICTORIA

26 DECEMBER 2016 – 30 JANUARY 2017
Monday to Sunday (includes all public holidays): 10am to 6pm

31 JANUARY 2017 – 25 APRIL 2017
Monday to Friday: 10am to 4pm
Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays: 10am to 6pm